2 thin biscuit bases, light
2 cups of sour cream
2 cups of whipped cream
750 grams of strawberries
2 bars of chocolate bars (Yogurette, 8 bars each)
3 packs of cream stiffeners
100 g grated chocolate for decoration
e.g. Strawberries for decoration

Whip the whipped cream. Add the cream stiffener and whip until the cream is stiff. Stir in the sour cream.
Wash the strawberries, cut into cubes and add. Finely chop the yogurette bars and add them.
Spread half of the resulting cream on the first sponge cake base and spread evenly. Place the second biscuit layer on top and spread the remaining mass on top and smooth out. Chill the cake for approx. 3 hours.
Decorate with strawberries and chocolate shavings before serving.


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