120g flour 0000
30g of corn starch
1 hour 100g butter
70gr of azure
150gr of ground walnut
10g of bitter cocoa
5g of baking powder
2g of baking soda Vanilla.

Filling and decoration:

500g of pastry dulce de leche White pastry bath butterfly nuts .


Stage 1) Weigh the ingredients

Étape 2) Beat the softened butter with sugar and essence until white

Étape 3) Add the egg and emulsify

Étape 4) Add ground nuts, cocoa, flour, starch, baking powder and bicarbonate

Étape 5) Integrate well without over-kneading so as not to develop gluten

Etape 6) Stretch between two separators up to 1cm and take the plate to the freezer

Stage 7) Cut pieces 6cm in diameter

Étape 8) Arrange on a non-stick plate

Step 9) Cook in a medium preheated oven at 170°C until cooked and tender

Step 10) Once cold, fill with dulce de leche, bathe in chocolate and decorate with a walnut .

LAST SECRET: let them rest finished for at least 24 hours