5 eggs
1 xícara of sugar
1 colher of baunilha essence soup
5 colheres of farinha rice soup.

Method of preparation:

beat the eggs with the essence of baunilha and or xylitol, when triple the volume add to the farinha and stir to avoid losing aeration, spread a large tabuleiro with parchment paper, keep and play the dough, supporting it until it is fine, Bake in the pre

-heated oven at 180 degrees for approximately 12 minutes, do not leave too much to avoid drying out.

-For the brigadeiro de leite ninho: 2 cans of condensed milk + 2 colheres of butter soup + 3 colheres of milk soup in po, mix everything in low heat até desgrudar from the bottom of the panela, wait to cool.

-For assembly: Espalhe todo o brigadeiro de leite ninho no rocambole, com a ayuda do papel manteiga vá enrorollando el, peneire leite em po por atop e servir! SURREAL Fica!!