In crust:

-1 weetbix crushed finely
-1 tbsp cocoa powder
-2 tbsp oat flour
-3/4 scoop choco protein (sub with more cocoa+sugar)
-1 tsp choco spread (i used  almost dark chocolateh
-splashes of water/milk (until dough forms)

mix all until dough forms n chill in fridge for a while. once cooled, form a crust on a pan n freeze it for 10 minutes.

In cheesecake:

-1/2 cup pumpkin puree
-abt 1/3 cup raw cashews (soaked in boiling water)
-1 tbsp cashew butter (i used @eatnuff)
-1 scoop vanilla protein (opt by adding sweetener of choice+2 tbsp almond/oat flour)
-dash of cinnamon
-splashes of water (to blend smoothly)

in a blender, blend all ingredients into a thick consistency. pour onto crust and freeze minimally for 3 hrs.

in 3rd layer :

-1/3 cup yog
-few drops of toffee flavdrops
-1 tbsp powdered pb (i used 

pour onto cake n freeze again overnight. decorate as u wish (i used melted 99% dark choco n cacao nibs).

happy spooky szns my doods hopefully it’s not too late for this post before the halloween mood fades away but i assure u that it will NEVER be too late for u to make this NOW. a post by me  so let’s GET IT.

let’s discuss abt my i didn’t melt enough choco, hence there r some missing cobwebs and didn’t look as pretty as my first attempt at making this (which i overestimted n actually melted too much choco).

THUS i improvised n added cacao nibs to hide the flaws + a rocky(?) effect i am expecting applauses.

if u have been seeing my stories, u’ll know that i’ve attempted this once. mistakes: didn’t let the middle layer freeze long enough n when i took it out for pics it just gave up on me.
i also made it too sweet for my liking so this time i added no honeyalls good now cause i froze it for basically 2 days

defrost it for 30-45 mins for a creamier texture, the subtle sweetness from the pumpkin+tang from the yog+chewy dark choco crust=