Service animals are lifesavers for the people who use them.
For someone who is blind or may have a disability, a service animal can be there to help guide them and perform daily tasks they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. Service dogs are highly trained and specialized, but one pup recently went above and beyond the call of duty when he literally saved his owner’s life.

Here’s their story.

Figo was out walking with his legally blind owner Audrey Stone when he saw a bus coming and switched sides to protect her. The bus hit them both, and they sustained injuries, but both lived.

An incredible act of bravery by a service dog was recently caught on camera. The dog, named Figo, threw himself in front of a bus to save his legally blind owner, Audrey Stone. The incident took place in Brewster, New York, and has since gone viral, with people all over the world praising Figo’s unwavering devotion to his owner.

Service dogs, like Figo, are trained to assist their owners with a variety of tasks. In this case, Figo’s primary job was to guide Audrey, who is blind, as she crossed the street. However, when Audrey stepped out into the street and a bus was coming straight towards her, Figo leapt into action. Without hesitation, the dog threw himself in front of the bus, blocking it from hitting Audrey.

Thankfully, both Figo and Audrey were unharmed in the incident, and the bus was able to come to a stop just in time. Audrey was amazed and grateful for Figo’s quick thinking and bravery, stating that she was sure she would have been hit by the bus if it wasn’t for her trusty companion.

The story of Figo’s bravery has touched the hearts of people all over the world, and has once again highlighted the incredible bond that can exist between a person and their service dog. Service dogs, like Figo, are more than just pets; they are true partners and allies, providing love, support, and protection to those in need.

In conclusion, Figo’s selfless act of bravery serves as a reminder of the important role that service dogs play in the lives of so many people. These incredible animals are truly remarkable, and their devotion to their owners is truly inspirational.

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