Heaven On Earth Cake depicts this delectable triviality Esque pastry impeccably. Wet light, fluffy cake finished off with tart cherry pie filling, velvety pudding, and delicate whipped cream make this cake unbelievable!


2 holy messenger food cakes, you can utilize the locally acquired rendition or you can make natively constructed cakes.

1 little box of moment vanilla pudding blend.

1 1/2 C milk.

1 c plain greek yogurt.

1 L 21-ounce pack cherry pie filling.

1 bowl. From the frozen skin, I utilized it defrosted.

To beautify:

Cut almonds, I utilized them toasted.


Stage 1:

I cut the cakes into reduced pieces and put them in a bowl.

Stage 2:

Whisk pudding combination and cold milk in a medium bowl, then, at that point, add Greek yogurt until smooth and mixed.

Stage 3:

In a 9.13-inch baking dish, I spread 1/2 cake solid shapes in an even layer and covered them with 2/3 of the cherry pie filling.

The fourth step:

Cover with the leftover cake shapes, pour the pudding blend over the cake, and cautiously convey it into even layers.

Fifth step:

To spread the frozen whipped garnishes across the pudding layer, I utilized an elastic band or offset spatula, sprinkled the rest cherry pie filling on the pudding, and sprinkled it with hack almonds.

6th step:

I put the baking dish in the ice chest and allow it to sit for over 3 hours or short-term.

This cake expects to be filled into bowls or plates with a huge serving spoon with all the virus whipping, cream, and profound cherry filling.

Organize your Angel food dessert in a triple bowl for an endlessly astonishing encounter! On the sweet table, it looks exceptionally delightful.