5 cups (tea) of cold milk
2 cans of condensed milk
1 TABLE (dessert) cornstarch
1 TABLE (tea) of vanilla essence
1 sachet (24 g) unflavored gelatin
5 tablespoons (soup) of water to hydrate the gelatin
2 BOXES (350g each) stemless strawberries
1 CUP (tea) of fractional medium dark chocolate


How to do Dissolve cornstarch in milk. Transfer to a pot and join the vanilla, the condensed milk gemase. Stir over low heat until slightly thickened.

Put out the fire. Dissolve the gelatin in the water and take 15 seconds in the microwave. Pour the mixture into the pot and mix until you get a smooth cream.

Let cool completely. Melt the chocolate in the microwave or in a water bath.

Pass a layer inside the container. Let dry at room temperature or 5 minutes in the refrigerator. Pass more than one layer of chocolate and let dry again.

Pour the cold cream to half the height of the container. Take to the freezer for 15 minutes to form a resistant film. Put the strawberries in the film and pour the rest of the cream on top.

CHILL 5 ​​hours or until completely firm. To unmold, place a plate over the cream portion and turn the bowl over. Pull carefully. If you want, cut with a hot knife. Serve below.