◾️5 eggs

◾️5 tablespoons of sugar

◾️5 tablespoons wheat flour

◾️2 tablespoons chocolate powder

◾️1 tablespoon baking powder


◾️200 g bitter chocolate

◾️300ml can of cream

◾️In an electric mixer, beat the eggs until doubled in volume. 

◾️While continuing to beat, gradually add the sugar and beat until a light and fluffy mixture is formed.

◾️Turn off the mixer and sift in the flour, chocolate powder and baking powder into the mixture. 

◾️Mix lightly. 

◾️Pour into a rectangular baking dish (24 x 34 cm) lined with parchment paper and place in a medium-high oven (200°C), preheated, for about 20 minutes. 

◾️Remove from oven and unmold while still warm on parchment paper.


◾️In a bowl melt the Chocolate in a bain-marie and mix the cream until you obtain a homogeneous cream. 

◾️Fill the roll with part of this cream, reserving about a third for the topping.

◾️Roll the Swiss roll with the help of parchment paper 

◾️Cover with the rest of the chocolate cream and decorate with a fork.