i have done a thing, a good good thing.

this could just be my new favourite way to overnight oat… flip it upside down and make it into a pudding

the texture of these is absolutely stunning – swipe for some SERIOUS ASMR

here’s how I made it:

– 50g gf rolled oats, covered with about 100ml water and placed in the microwave for 3.5 mins
– 30g chocolate protein powder
– 5g cacao powder/cocoa
– 30g plain yoghurt (this is KEY for the creamy texture)

– toffee flavdrops (lots)
– then placed in the fridge in bowl shape of your choice overnight (mine had at least 12 hours)
– take out the fridge and microwave for 30 secs just to loosen it up so you can flip it easily onto a plate
– Voila !

topped with melted chocolate, berries and peanut butter and devoured in no time