6 eggs
180g Granulated sugar
170g Cake flour
40g Cocoa powder
50g Sugar
100g Water
1 tsp Cointreau
Dark Chocolate
60g Milk
60g Butter


Step 1

In a heat resistant bowl, put together butter and milk and warm in a water bath at 50ºC until melted. Combine sugar (50g), water and Cointreau in a pot and boil over stove to make the cake syrup. Let cool once boiled.

Step 2

Sift cake flour and cocoa powder. Preheat oven to 170ºC Make cocoa genoise. In a heat resistant bowl, put eggs and add granulated sugar. Put over the water bath at 40ºC. Whisk using wire whisk until it becomes lighter in color.

Step 3

Add sifted cake flour and cocoa powder together in the mixture. Mix well using rubber spatula. Add warmed butter and milk. Mix well. Separate the batter into two parts and place in a round cake mold over a tray with oven paper. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 170ºC for about 35 minutes.

Step 4

. After baking, remove the oven paper and let cool. Once cooled down, slice into two equal parts. Brush cake syrup over the surface of the baked cakes.

Step 5

lastly, apply DLA Dark Chocolate filling between the cake and coat the whole cake too. Enjoy!