26 (290g) Oreos, finely crushed
90g unsalted butter, melted


400ml double cream, cold
500g cream cheese
110g icing sugar
1 tbsp cocoa powder
Strong red food colouring (I used Sugar Flair Red Extra)

Cream cheese icing:

60g butter, softened
110g cream cheese
1 tsp vanilla
250g icing sugar

Tin size: 8โ€ springform pan

Throwing back to this super delicious red velvet cheesecake because it kinda looks Christmassy

Itโ€™s snowing outside, I have my Christmas tree up, Iโ€™ve bought myself an advent calendar, and it just feels right

This cheesecake has an Oreo base, a vanilla-y chocolatey red velvet filling, then itโ€™s topped with cream cheese icing and Oreo crumbs  (cream cheese icing on a cheesecake is