Rolls soft fluffy buttery


◾️250 ml warm milk
◾️7 gr dry yeast (2 tsp)
◾️62 gr melted margarine
◾️50 gr sugar
◾️7 g salt
◾️1 egg
◾️375 gr all purpose flour


◾️In a bowl, dissolve the dry yeast in the milk and add a pinch of sugar, let it rest.

◾️Separately mix the sugar with the margarine.

◾️Then add the milk (with the yeast), the egg, the flour and the salt.

◾️Form a loaf and let it rest for an hour.

◾️Then divide it into two portions and form the sandwiches with each of them.

◾️Leave them to rest for 30 minutes and then brush them with butter.

◾️Let them rest for another 15 minutes 

◾️Then bake them at 356Β°F (180Β°) for 25 minutes.

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